July 13, 2011 letter to Winsome Lenfert, FAA, Manager, Airports Division:

The Google Earth image below of Runway 27 was captured on February 28, 2003 and shows the location directly above the Hurricane Creek Tunnel. The Memphis Airport Authority’s attorney, Sara Hall, confirmed for me that the two largest vertical fractures are the location where the runway was “open cut” in 1985 to install the tunnel. Could you explain why the FAA’s 2003 inspection record section 139.305 - .307 PAVED/UNPAVED AREAS makes no mention of the runways large fractures and cracks?
At the time of the 2003 annual inspection, no large fractures and cracks were found to be in existence on the runway surface. Safety was futhered [sic] assured with the airport's daily self-inspection program.

                                                -- Winsome A. Lenfert, FAA, Manager, Airports Division (letter response August 23, 2011)

MSCAA Chairman, Arnold Perl